6 Fashion Trends From 2002 Back Again

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Ah, 2002: the year you watched legally blonde repeated and prayed to the church Sex and the city wardrobe department. The Spice Girls dominate your stereo — when you’re not dancing with Britney Spears after school, that is. You consider Paris Hilton to be one of your style icons and, the more accessories you wear, the less clothes you will wear. Slip dress, cardigan as top — the less is more the list goes on.

Fast forward two decades to today: While much has changed, much has remained the same suspiciously. And Like That just updated for the next season, everyone’s cheering for Britney Spears, and trends like low-rise denim are, sadly, back in style.

While 2000s trends have been on the rise for a while, this two-decade marker is the perfect excuse to celebrate this year’s gangbuster trend: you’ll find legally blonde-inspired by pink and Sex and the city-Popular baguette bags, as well as structured corset tops, choker necklaces and more.

Here, take a trip down memory lane to see the biggest trends from 2002 resurface today.

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Pink “Legally Blonde”

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In July 2001, legally blonde premiered to the world, and the following years were awash in pink. Now that the unforgiving gum color is back with a vengeance, it’s time to shop for everything from dresses and trousers to coats, bags, and more.

Baguette Bags

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You know the bag: Made iconic in Sex and the city, they barely fit your phone better, especially now that you have an iPhone 13, but they fit so snugly under your arm that you can’t help but love them. Make sure you reach for the same silhouette, but update the look with simple hardware, plush materials, and an overall cleaner look than you’ll remember from two decades ago.


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The ’90s and early ’90s were huge when it came to cardigans, both layered over another top (“going out,” anyone?) and buttoned up and worn as a shirt. While you may have worn them exclusively with mom’s jeans 20 years ago, now is the time to style a cardi cut with high-waisted jeans, slouchier style with a midi skirt, and even a classic crewneck with vintage shorts.


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Underwear as outerwear looked very popular in the beginning, and now corsets are back for another trip around the sun. This time, wear a buffed bustier top with everything from an oversized blazer to a bright white tee and everything in between.

choker necklace

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Whether it’s a small pendant, black velvet ribbon, chunky chain, or more, it’s time to channel your 2002 fashionistas with this season’s choker necklace. In 2002, chokers tended to be made of casual materials, such as stretch plastic, grosgrain ribbon, and the like. Today, designers have stepped up their beaded, metallic, and high-end designs with shorter lengths that sit right at your collarbone.

Low Jeans

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Yes that’s right. Even though you’ve spent the last few years adjusting to the high-waisted trend, your belt is ready to take it down again. Channel Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and many more from early aughts to really immerse themselves in the look. Although you may not appropriate Keira Knightley channel with bra tops and hip-huggers, consider balancing the lower bottoms with a layered bodysuit or cardigan so you don’t look as though you’re ready to hit the beach.

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