9 Business-Casual Outfit Ideas For Work

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As the date back to the office slowly creeps down the calendar, so does uncertainty about what to wear. Whether your employer has redefined a new dress code or you are expected to follow the same rules, if you are returning to the office, it may be time to freshen up your closet with more ready-to-wear. Business casual attire should be comfortable, while still helping you achieve a refined look: think blazers, tailored skirts, trouser suits, and sheath dresses that fit and can easily be matched and matched with your standard outfit.

Combining stylish clothing with business casual attire will require using existing layered staples such as buttons and stylish T-shirts. But you don’t have to be limited to everyday uniforms. When shopping for business casual clothes, items like knee-length skirts and closed-toe shoes may be at the top of your list, but you can still match your personality with the right accessories. Use your favorite designer handbag or statement jewelry to set your business casual look apart.

What is Casual Business?

The term “business casual” has different definitions depending on the company you work for, your job, and your office location. The easiest way to think of it is as a mixed dress code that falls somewhere between formal business attire and everyday casual wear. It’s not essential to wear a full suit, of course, but ideally your clothes are still “put together” enough to make it look as if you’re thinking about your wardrobe. Consider mixing fun outfits and accessories, like a sleek moto jacket and new jewelry, or keeping it pretty safe with neutral trousers and a patterned blouse. From a style perspective, the business-casual approach allows for work attire that is generally more fashion-conscious and personality-oriented.

Business Casual vs. Business Professional

While business casual has room for interpretation and allows you to draw from the casual side of your closet more often, business professional is a traditional dress code that is usually reserved for more restrictive work environments such as government, law, or banking. In this setting, suits, blazers, and shirts are neat (not wrinkled!) and tailored. It’s best to avoid overly bright colors and keep accessories to a minimum, except for a simple belt or simple jewelry.

Where to Buy Business-Casual Outfit

Places the POPSUGAR fashion team goes to find stylish business casual wear including COS, The Frankie Shop, Club Monaco, Henning, Universal Standard, Misha Nonoo, Tibi, Anine Bing, Nanushka, Vince, Veronica Beard and Victoria Beckham. Continue reading for a curated selection of business casual items, in addition to some style tips.

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