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After decades of underrepresentation in fashion, the apparel market is booming; according to Statista, its value is estimated at $24 billion and growing rapidly. With this boom in demand, of course, comes more choice, which means shopping for plus size clothing is no longer confined to a few specialty stores or a limited section within a larger department store. Instead, everyone from retail giants like Nike to fashion-forward labels like Reform has embraced more inclusive sizes and released new imaginative collections that speak to a more diverse audience. The problem now isn’t a lack of choice, but rather finding the best places to shop for plus size clothes in a very crowded market.

While everyone will have a different opinion on where to shop, certain retailers stand out for going above and beyond. They offer incredibly well-crafted cuts, with silhouettes that are not only functional but embrace fashion on another level: think beautiful fabrics, innovative designs and a fit that really fits a woman’s body. As a plus size fashion influencer, Katrina Nichole is an expert at finding such brands. “I’ve been a lover of all things fashion since I was a kid, and have lived in a bigger body my whole life,” she says. “My number one priority when I’m shopping is finding clothes that really fit my body that are super curvy and look stylish.”

Her catches—which she shares on her popular TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram accounts—often feature a mix of fashion, from eye-catching looks to everyday essentials to ultra-comfortable fitness gear, which can be difficult to quantify precisely. His advice: “Take your measurements and always Please refer to the sizing guide as each brand is different. I can be an L above in one store and 2X in a different brand.” Up front, Nichole shares the retailers and labels she likes best, so you can shop and tag them. Also find buying tips and other fashion choices at the end.

Best Big Size Jeans

Good American

“Good American is one of my favorite places to shop for all kinds of plus-size clothing, especially jeans,” says Nichole. “These jeans come in a variety of sizes to suit your body type and size, and they are one of the few places creating trendy jeans for all sizes. Right now, I’m in love with their Good ’90s jeans, and their Always Fits jeans are perfect for those whose sizes fluctuate because of the built-in stretch.”

Best Big Size Dresses


“Reform is a sustainable brand that makes some of the most stunning dresses for both upscale and formal events. I fell in love with their Michaela dress so much that I literally hiked with it to the top of Arches in Moab just to snap a photo in it,” said Nichole. “They also have good basics, like skirts, pants, and tops.”

Best Oversized Sportswear


Nichole finds it hard to pick a favorite among plus size sportswear brands. “Choosing just one brand when it comes to fitness and sportswear is difficult for me because I like it so much,” she says. “The site I’m currently obsessed with is Bandier. They offer a wide range of athletic brands, and their choice of colors, patterns and trends is very unique when it comes to plus size fashion.”

Best Oversized Swimwear


“The J.Crew bikini is my favorite for full coverage, and they also have a lot of family-friendly one-pieces,” says Nichole. If you’re looking for bikinis and one-piece outfits for those sultry vacations and getaways, I also recommend taking a peek at Good American’s swimwear.

Best Large Size Wardrobe Staples

Universal Standard

“Universal Standard is a great brand for grocery shopping and they are one of the most inclusive brands on the market with clothing up to size 40,” says Nichole. “I also recommend Target for wardrobe basics with solid quality at an affordable price. I’ve worked with them on sponsorships and some of the internal brands I like the most are Ava & Viv and Universal Thread.”

The Best Oversized Shopping Tips, According to One Expert

What Fashion Trends Are Worth Following Right Now?

“I love how fashion and especially plus size fashion has evolved over the years, and for me shopping is about finding a balance of clothes that are trendy yet timeless,” says Nichole. “I love the high athleisure look and also love wearing neutral outfits where the accessories are the shining star of the look.”

How do you find the right cut on the internet when you can’t try it first?

“Take your body measurements and look at the sizing guides on the site,” she says. “This is very important because every brand has very different sizing guidelines. I usually go for size 20 jeans and an XL top, but that can vary based on fabric material and brand sizing guides. I would also say that understanding the fabric can also help. You might be a size smaller in a jersey knit dress and need something bigger in a non-stretchy linen dress.”

More Top Choices For Large Size Clothing For Women

  • spoken language: Built from scratch as a plus size brand, Eloquii is popular for day to evening dresses, pencil skirts to peplums, breezy blouses and other basic wear at affordable prices.
  • summer salt: Best known for their swimwear to suit a variety of body types and needs, Summersalt has also evolved into activewear, pajamas, and casual wear featuring fun colors and prints that make a statement.
  • Girlfriend collective: This sustainable-minded brand comes in sizes up to 6XL and emphasizes recycled materials in their base line that includes sweatpants, tops and tees, leggings, underwear and swimwear.
  • nike: For sportswear and sportswear in inclusive sizes, Nike is a favorite among fitness and fashion influencers, especially for leggings and sports bras.
  • athlete: The fitness brand’s 1X-3X collection offers sports and exercise wear made from incredibly comfortable and versatile fabrics, as well as fashionable designs that look great in the studio and outdoors.
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