Blake Lively Dives into Her Life in Appearance—From Gossip Girl to Met Gala

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“I don’t work with stylists, I never do,” says Blake Lively in her new Life in Looks video. Dressing herself up amidst a chaotic schedule is a feat, especially considering the star has dominated the red carpet at countless film premieres, galas, and award shows. Proving that he has a distinctive personal style that belongs to him, the actor sat down together Mode to revisit some of her best looks over the years, as well as her favorite fashion moments on screen.

Lively’s journey down the fashion memory lane began in 2005, when she landed her first role at the age of 16 The Brotherhood of Traveling Pants. “These shoes are very 2004,” he said of his sporty character look, including the sneakers. He also reminisced about one of his favorite ensembles worn at Gossip Girl: the ruffled yellow Ralph Lauren dress her character, Serena, wore during the end of season one. “This dress is one of the most critical fashion moments in Gossip Girl,” said Lively. “Eric Daman, our costume designer, was spectacular and inventive. He takes the idea of ​​a character that actually has a ‘look’ to the next level.”

Lively is also reflected in some of its standout off-screen moments. Take the first time she hit the red carpet in 2005 at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. The starlet wore low-rise ripped Abercrombie jeans, a Y2K babydoll top, Aldo heels, and a bright pink belt. “I was in high school,” recalls Lively. “The teal t-shirt is something my mom found in Forever 21.”

Since then, her fashion game has improved. One of her most glamorous moments came in 2014, when she attended the Cannes Film Festival for the first time in a custom Gucci gown. Her favorite piece is Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. “I love jewelry, it’s an important part of style,” says Lively, who admires the simplicity of diamond necklaces. “It’s easy to say simplicity when you drop 500 carats of diamonds.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Life in Looks video if Lively hadn’t thought of some of his favorites Mode Met Gala cover and look too. His all-time favorite Met look? The ornate Versace design she wore to the 2018 Celestial Body (it’s a fan favorite too). “I was very involved in the design of the dress—I don’t know if it’s because I’m a Virgo, or if I need a life,” she joked, adding that it was her idea to add an 8-foot-long dress. carriage. Just this past week, Lively took to the carpet at the 2022 Met Gala in another Versace creation inspired by the Statue of Liberty. “Instead of looking at Golden Age fashion, I wanted to look at architecture,” says Lively. “New York has become an important part of who I am… so I thought, I’d love to come in a copper dress and wear it in a patina when I hit the red carpet. Instead of me performing, I wanted the dress to show. ”

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