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SUPERIOR — What started as a passion for vintage clothing grew into a pin-up social club focused on empowering women and raising funds for causes that make Twin Ports a better place.

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The Border Town Betties were formed in 2019 as a social club for women who value vintage fashion. The group also organizes community events and fundraisers.

Alicia Pierce / Paper Birch Studios

The Border Town Betties were formed in 2019 as a social club for people who appreciate vintage fashion and bring the pin-up community to Twin Ports.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with vintage fashion and fashion from the 1940s and 50s,” says Becky Scherf, president and co-founder of Border Town Betties. “So I started dressing like that, and by dressing like that, I learned about the pin-up culture.”

However, that group of like-minded individuals was not in the Twin Harbors.

“I have been involved … since I was 18 years old,” said Scherf, who goes by the name Brody Bombshell in the pin-up world. “And I always have to travel to do events across the country. There’s never been a local one.”

Then Scherf found out about the pin-up contest at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center during Motörhead Madness. He met Molly Stonesifer, who ran the event, and the two decided to start a group at Twin Ports for women with an appreciation of vintage fashion.

The Border Town Betties were born, and the Miss Motorhead Pinup Contest became their inaugural event.

“I met Becky through buying vintage dresses and vintage clothing,” said Megan Hendricks, vice president. “I’ve always loved ’40s, ’50s, ’60s fashion, but I’ve never really considered myself doing pin-up stuff, but I love wearing clothes, makeup and hair. “

Hendricks goes by the name Poppy Paramour.

The social club hosts a different event every month.

“We do a variety of charity events, as well as non-charity events that focus on empowering women,” says Scherf.

In April, members wore clothing that spanned seven decades for the Douglas County Historical Society’s Fashion through the Ages show. Lady Outlaw Vintage provides fashion. The show honors Doug Moen, who was an icon for Scherf in vintage fashion. He said the results benefited the historical community because he felt he would want it.

On Saturday, May 14, they will host Surf’s Up, a 1960s surf rock party to benefit St. Children’s Research Hospital. Jude. Fractals will headline the event, which will also feature a Duluth Dolls show. It will run from 6-10 pm at the Douglas County Historical Society.

“Around Christmas time, we had a Sponsor-a-Family event,” says Scherf. “We raised about $4,000 to bring four different families shopping in the area. It’s a little different from a traditional toy drive: We raise money, then we take the family to the store to pick out gifts for their kids.

He said the goal was to add a level of dignity by allowing parents to choose which gifts their children would open on holidays.

“It was our first year, and it was a huge success,” said Hendricks.

“We’d definitely do it again,” said Scherf.

In addition, Border Town Betties are providing volunteers to support Bluebird Foundation events in Duluth and will be providing volunteers to help the Richard I. Bong Veterans History Center with their Memorial Day picnic.

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The Border Town Betties are best known for their pin-up contests. The Twin Ports Lady Liberty pin-up contest has become a 4th of July tradition.

Alicia Pierce / Paper Birch Studios

But this is the pin-up contest the group is most familiar with. The Lady Liberty Twin Ports pin-up contest has become a July 4 tradition held in conjunction with the Dennis Van Alstine Memorial Car and Motorcycle Show.

“It’s a really great way to make women in the community feel good about themselves, feel empowered, get on stage and show off themselves,” says Scherf. “This is really a great bonding event and a way to get to know each other, locally and non-locally. People travel from everywhere.”

Scherf said there are 28 members of the organization with varying levels of participation, but he hopes the social club, which seeks nonprofit tax status, continues to grow and take on bigger projects.

“We’re always recruiting, and we have an application process that we have to go through now that we’re in the process of getting our 501(c)3,” said Scherf. “We’re just waiting for approval from the (Internal Revenue Service).”

For more information or to register for the Twin Ports Lady Liberty pin-up contest, visit . For information on Border Town Betties, visit or order bordertownbetties on Facebook or Instragram.

What: Surf’s Up, a 1960s-style surf rock party

When: 6-10pm Saturday, May 14

Where: Douglas County Historical Society, 1101 John Ave., Superior

Music by: Fractal Dolls and Duluth

Cost: $20 upfront; $25 at the door

Including: Hula hoop contests, raffle prizes, silent auctions

Benefit: Children’s Research Hospital St. Jude

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