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Carla Rockmore was thrown into the zeitgeist, apparently overnight. But the influencer, billed as “TikTok’s Carrie Bradshaw,” has a connection with fashion that goes beyond her fun style videos on the buzzy app. Rockmore is a woman who wears many hats, both figuratively and literally. A permanent jewelry designer, this social media star is a stylist, wife, and mother of two sons—but ultimately, she is someone who believes in the power of personal style. And he has 1.2 million followers who depend on his every word.

Rockmore explained that joining TikTok was far from intentional and was done spontaneously at the height of the pandemic. “It’s not really a decision,” he said “I think [it] is a dance app. I am based in Jaipur, India, developing my jewelry line. After returning, the country was immediately locked down. I watched Netflix for about two weeks and quickly realized if I kept doing that, I might as well crawl into bed and turn off the light. I have to be creative—especially in times of stress. The only things I have in my house are a collection of beauties and knick-knacks, a cell phone, and an exiled 16-year-old son with me teaching me how to edit in iMovie. I started doing (hopefully) entertaining style videos on YouTube. Nine months later, one of my kids signed me up on TikTok. I went from 91 followers to 250,000 in a week.” The rest, as he puts it, is history.

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Carla Rockmore / Stewart Cohen

The Dallas-based creative has amassed more than 1.2 million followers, who come to its page for lighthearted videos and golden style tips. With an enviable two-story wardrobe as a backdrop, Rockmore covers a wide range of topics and appeals to a wide range of audiences. From history lessons on the color black to tutorials on the most prominent fashion style puzzles (think: how to mix metals and find the “weird weather” look), there’s a lot of good advice on offer. But the most interesting thing about the content is that when it comes to personal style, there are is it right there is no right or wrong answer, as long as it makes you feel good.

“I give everyone permission to buy 10 pairs of the same pants in different colors and materials if it makes you happy and gives you confidence,” Rockmore says about why he believes core pieces are different for everyone. “Clothing should serve you—not the other way around. If you don’t cultivate your own style and define what your own essence is, you become a hanger for other people’s ideas.”

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Carla Rockmore

When it comes to her own sense of style, the 54-year-old takes a similar no-brainer approach. Between his exploration of a bold color palette and his ability to sport a statement Tuesday—like a pair of over-the-knee gold metallic boots—Rockmore’s core aesthetic varies widely. “For me, inspiration can come from anywhere. From wallpaper in a restaurant bathroom, to a vintage store, to a collection of costume jewelry.”

These days, her shopping cart is filled with Marni accessories and luxurious evening gowns from Johanna Ortiz and Cecilie Bahnsen. He cites renowned maximalists Iris Apfel and the ever-iconic Diana Vreeland as his style icons. “The trends and shows and business are interesting, of course, but what’s even more interesting is that as I get older, my personal style continues to evolve,” says the designer. “I refuse to be put in a box. Sometimes, I wake up one morning and feel the need to dress in a very minimal aesthetic, and the next day it’s full of color and ruffles. My relationship with fashion encompasses everything. My career, it’s a hobby. me, it’s my way of expressing myself without words.”

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