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Peter Jean-Marie is a testament to the importance of relentless determination in making dreams come true.

For three years, the 25-year-old fashion designer, based in Collier County, has been scrambling to find investors to launch a line of men’s and women’s clothing that she hopes to sell to major retailers. He promoted his business at local and national funding competitions for budding entrepreneurs, did well, but never won the grand prize. He also experienced disappointment over rejected financing requests and unfulfilled investment promises.

Frustration even led him to consider generating fame through the press for his struggles with walking from Florida to New York City earlier this year. Her goal is to attract attention and gain the support of the one and only Oprah Winfrey.

Today, Jean-Marie no longer has to literally or figuratively knock on doors or contemplate drastic measures to secure funding. He eventually found a backer, someone who had given him the $100,000 needed to start his business, rather than an interest-bearing loan or investment in exchange for a percentage of the company. Now she can produce samples of clothing and accessories that would-be retailers want to see before agreeing to bring in her creations.

Perspectives have been gained in overcoming challenges.

“I can honestly say that I felt like a real witness, witnessing how God was so very gracious and moving in my life,” said Jean-Marie. “I learned that not all investments are good investments. If I hadn’t been rejected and haunted by previous investors, I would never have gotten this investment, where I don’t have to pay anything in return.”

St. John Neumann in 2015 in Naples, Jean-Marie received a diploma in fashion design from Miami International University of Art and Design in 2018. The former model started developing her clothing brand while in college.

She started by designing blazers, before moving on to ties, bow ties and womenswear and in January 2019, the line was complete. That same year, Jean-Marie made it to the second round of trials for the popular TV show “Shark Tank.” He is one of 30,000 business owners, nationwide, vying for a spot on the show.

2019 was also when he began his search for funding. During the process, Jean-Marie was assisted by her financial advisor, who was investigating potential sources of funding for small businesses.

“While he was doing that, another person who had been watching me from the start, literally since I was in design school, contacted me and I told him about everything that had happened on my journey to finding investors. This person was very, very friendly and said, ‘You know, I’m going to give you 100K myself,’” Jean-Marie said. “Literally, the next day, I received the funds. I don’t have to give up percentages or sign contracts or anything.”

Jean-Marie said her benefactor wanted to remain anonymous.

So far, the design is just an image on paper. But the major retailers she approached wanted to see the clothes the models were wearing before making a decision. The money was used to prepare the necessary samples as well as to buy a car so he could stop using his mother’s car.

“People, as far as major retailers have seen my designs, they’re very happy,” adds Jean-Marie. Preparing a sample only takes a month or two. ”

For more information about Peter Jean-Marie and to see his creations, visit peterjeanmarie.store or write to info@peterjeanmarie.com.

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