Four Latina Designers Who Rocked the Shoe Fashion World

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There is always something special about wearing new shoes. To quote icon Dominique Jackson: “Get the shoes, baby, get the shoes.”

We may not know what it is, but it’s never enough, and now that summer is coming, our shoe cabinets may look empty and scream for updates.

Well, we got you! Here are four Latina designers who rocked the shoe fashion world, offering exciting and bold designs and supporting the Latino community.

Kylie Jenner, Normani, Thalia, Bebe Rexha, and Carrie Underwood are some of the celebrities who have worn the Flor de Maria Rivera design.

The Peruvian-American arrived in the United States at 14, attended the University of San Diego, and soon began a career as a sports anchor, producer, and writer for Telemundo, Univision, and more. In 2010 she started a bilingual fashion blog, “Flor de Maria Fashion,” then moved to New York in hopes of establishing contact with the fashion world.

One of her posts about shoes on her blog started to gain attention, and several TV stations contacted Rivera to talk about shoes. Then, he got the bright idea to jump into the business world through shoes.

Rivera travels to Italy and learns how to make shoes with the best at the prestigious Arsutoria school. But what is Flor de Maria’s design based on? Well, he’s always been inspired by his roots, the Nazca Lines, the colors of the Andes, and pre-Columbian objects like Tumi.

The elegance of her designs has attracted high-profile celebrities and made her one of the most influential Latin designers in the United States, and this is just the beginning.

This Guatemalan designer Jacqueline Velasquez lets us enter a new and exciting world with her designs. His brand, MCLC, was born 18 years ago when Velasquez was in college studying biology. He soon realized that his true passion was art and fashion.

Velasquez enrolled in art school to later work as a production and operations assistant. In 2018, she launched MCLC, a brand that aims to create awareness in the fast fashion world. MCLC’s mission is to work with eco-friendly materials and give back to the community for their support. A portion of the sales goes to non-profit organizations.

And MCLC is suitable for the exciting. Her latest collection incorporates 3-D elements, yin and yang, smiley faces, and flowers — a must for the upcoming season.

Founded in 2014 by Adriana Epelboim-Levy, ALEPEL takes shoe art to another level. Epelboim-Levy studied architecture and, like most of us, had a passion for shoes, so he decided to follow that passion and enrolled in the shoe design program at Arsutoria school in Milan.

Since its launch, ALEPEL’s main focus has been that each piece should be unique, carefully crafted, and accompanied by a stunning collection of hand-painted artworks. These luxury shoes are made in Brazil with high quality materials and hand painted by local artists in the Miami area.

Epelboim-Levy’s Venezuelan roots are reflected in the design. Comfortable and with a dynamic spirit, ALEPEL shoes are expected to become wearable works of art.

With a mission to empower women through footwear, Rossy G. Sánchez created Annabella almost six years ago. After leaving Venezuela and with a career as an industrial engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Sánchez decided to start Annabella.

Craftsmen create Annabella’s designs in Alicante, Spain, with careful attention and care. Brands don’t shy away from venturing into options. You can find sandals, boots and boots as the best selling Paris Boots from the brand. Brands don’t limit themselves to spectacular designs; It also offers an experience when opening the box, from which the scent of perfume emanates which successfully captivates the hearts of customers.

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