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We are currently living in somewhat turbulent times… slowly learning to adapt to a new way of life after a global pandemic, dealing with bad news of war and suffering from across the ocean and dealing with our own personal insecurities and everyday pet annoyances…

Luckily here Montrealwe have wonderful community members who strive to bring a touch of beauty, a sense of purpose, much needed help and hope to others…

Gene’s Fun happy to present to you the contributions of visual artists RIOCreative director Yves Ulysses and community and financial aid teachers Melanie Rousseau.

Bringing a little beauty into our lives…

Fulfil Rio: This sculptural visual artist has a very unique style!

Work tirelessly from the studio where he lives in St-Sulpice, Lanaudière, This Quebec painter and visual storyteller creates larger-than-life detail artwork which always manages to amaze and dynamically capture the imagination of viewers here in Montreal and now abroad!

Could be an illustration

His story is one of extraordinary success achieved through perseverance and hard work.

Rio’s style is very modern, stylish and fashion-oriented, with themes depicting strong, beautiful-looking women, blind (a tribute to those who influenced her childhood), exotic animals, and whimsical backgrounds with allegorical elements.

His artworks stand out with refinements of precious stones, crystals, diamond dust, newspaper and encyclopedia prints, gold leaf, and other eye-catching ornaments.

One can easily get lost in time admiring his work and creativity!

It can be a picture of 1 person and the words 'MUSEU BIG GALLERY'
Rio in Miami

After enjoying a successful recent launch in Miami, which allowed Rio to take his work out of his usual framed setting by exhibiting glass-enclosed cube-shaped vehicles throughout the Design District, it will be next. May 20 that the artist would take his work abroad to Cologne, Germanbefore tackling New York and returning to Montreal, in September to be featured at the Ritz-Carlton!

To learn more about this Quebec artist, his art and upcoming projects, please visit:

Facebook: Rio artist peintre

Instagram: @rioartiste

Dress for success with HPAware and M3 Masculine fashion.

Maybe a picture of 4 people, people standing, suit, footwear and indoor
HPadar in collaboration with M3/Masculine Mode, Photography : @marcelcristocea
Model : @satya.wayne @jeystemarie

For M3 men`s fashion event creator Yves Ulysse, Sapologie is the window to the future...

Using the power of fashion to lift the soul:

For those who want to have an immersive and educational fashion experience, then May 12 – High-end Montreal tailors and designers HPAware in collaboration with M3/Masculine Fashion Montreal, will display a new line titled « Sape movement « Brilliant collection, with vibrant color combinations sure to elevate your style this spring and summer!

Inspired by the dandy of 19th century Europe, this African clothing and culture movement (originating in Kinshasa Congo), emerged in the 1960s and encouraged the everyday use of colorful haute couture clothing that promoted elegant, happy and successful lifestyle.

Maybe a picture of 1 person, a beard and a suit
M3 Creative Director Yves Ulysse wearing HPadar

Yves Ulysse is founder and creative, executive director at M3/Masculine Fashion Montreal.

In an interview I did with Mr Ulysse about the power of fashion, he mentioned:

`‘I think true power of fashion the lie is that it gives individuals an extra boost of confidence when they walk into the room knowing that they look sharp and feel comfortable with who they are.`

“H. Padar is one of the best tailor shops in Montreal, (open since 1974 and centrally located). Since my first conversation with HPAwarehe shows great interest in M3 fashion’s masculine mission to encourage men to be bold in dress courtesy, feel good and empowered about themselves and take a stand.

I like the design style brave, graceful, well defined and elegant.

(on a side note – I definitely find men in Montréal more daring – fashion wise, compared to women).

After two years caught in the whirlwind of the Covid crisis, it’s an amazing feeling to be back in the public eye, rid of negativity and dressing every day with confidence, armed with a success-driven mindset.

That Sape movement collection will be launched on May 12, 2022.

For more info please visit : M3/Masculine Fashion Montreal | Facebook

Fighting for Ukraine: the role foreign volunteers can play in wartime….

Mélanie Rousseau, Founder & CEO of Money Mamma

Fulfil Melanie Rousseau CEO & Founder at Money Mama, a company that helps and supports other women to manage their finances!

Melanie is amazing entrepreneur, mom & fashion lover who likes to support women with financial problems. However he believes that financial stability comes when a person has the pleasure to enjoy stable living conditions and certain basic needs are met.

With his Ukrainian Investors & Realtor friends, Todor (who also likes to support women in acquiring real estate), they will be leaving this weekend to Bulgaria with Ukrainian humanity Emergency state Relieved (UHER), to help Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria.

In Melanie’s own words:

“I saw my two children tonight and all I wanted to do was hug them tight.

I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had to run with them with only the clothes on our backs to seek safety in a foreign country.

Tonight, I made the decision to join Todor, Natalia, and Ulyana on a humanitarian mission.

Tonight, I decided that the best way to protect my two children was not to turn off the news, but to feel the pain and support the mother and children, just like me, at all costs – medicine, food, clothes, hugs… take a stand and do.

We’re leaving on Saturday. We are packing our suitcases and collecting donations of money.

This war has abandoned 6 million mothers and children. Many are left with no one and have nowhere to return to. Feel this for a moment.

We will immediately bring in donations and buy the necessary supplies and medicines for those who need it most. From our hands to theirs. Not a single dollar will be wasted.

I invite you to follow our journey, share our posts, and give generously.

Tonight, I think about all mothers and what they do BEST – Nurturing and Protecting fathers. Let’s be that way to those who need us tonight and tomorrow.

Please donate here:


Gene’s Fun felt it important to highlight the generosity of local community members like Melanie who tirelessly helped bring more awareness and support to raise funds to help Ukrainian refugees. In this case it helps provide long term rentals vs just putting refugees in hotels for short periods of time.

In the end, as seen above, it was maintain a sense of hope, see beauty in life and promote goodness which makes the world a better place to live in.

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