From Black Amelia Sets To Satin Patterned Bustiers, Samantha Prabhu’s Dress Choices Are Stunning

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Samantha Prabhu’s fashion sense is visually appealing, see for yourself

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Samantha is a famous star in South Indian Film World. She is not only very beautiful but also a fashion idol who never fails to set the rules. The diva can conquer all types of makeup, from saris to evening gowns, and set high fashion goals. So, if you’re in an exploratory mood or want to discover the main aspects of fashion, Samantha Ruth Prabhu can give you some ideas on how to rock your awesome trendy look.

Samantha wore an orange and pink bustier made of satin textiles, with wide straps and a flirty plunging neckline to add to the beauty factor. Samantha combined it with a set of brown palazzo pants made of chiffon with pleat details. Samantha completed the look with a pair of brown wedges and a tiered gold chain necklace and simple earrings.

In amelia’s collection, the actor hits a high note. We went crazy after the actor shared a few titbits from one of his outfit shoots. Samantha dressed up as a goddess for fashion designer brand Love Late20s, wearing a black amelia chorus outfit from their collection. The outfit included a black tunic with a curved collar and sleeves. The upper features a specification tie-up at the back as well as a gold chain at the front and around the midsection. The outfit is complemented by an elevated black multi-pleated skirt.

Samantha wore an oblique red and black plaid jacket by Mohammed Mazhar, which was teamed up with a non-symmetrical black skirt. Mixing prints and patterns with solid colors is a great way to add interest to an outfit. Samantha’s belted outfit not only nailed several trends at once, it’s also an ideal way to usher in a new high fashion trend.

Samantha wore a Daniele Corletta-style statement dress with spectacular sleeves and a deep neckline. She embellished her look with the newly released Louis Vuitton Twist Handbag and silver heels. We love any excuse to open our ball gowns that have been gathering dust at the back of our wardrobe. We seem to have found a justification for adding some more spectacular outfits to our collection.

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