From Vidisha Street To Ramp Of Paris Fashion Week

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Women who follow their passion are the most inspiring because they pave the way for the next generation of women to follow what they love. Just as Vaishali Shadangule did with her inspiring journey from engineering major to designer Paris Fashion Week. Here’s the story:

“At the age of 17, I moved to pursue Computer engineering & landed in Bhopal. I never knew how the city lights looked or how hard I had to work to support myself. I’m just determined to stand up to those who say, ‘a girl shouldn’t do that’.”

“While working as an office assistant to support my studies, something else caught my eye – Fashion! I would borrow books on fashion studies from local colleges & study them at home. Meanwhile, I will also give DIY fashion tips & people love it! I thought, ‘I wish I could do this forever!’ But, God had a plan & placed in Gujarat. By then I had mustered up the courage to listen to my inner voice whispering, ‘Mumbai has better plans for me’. Taking another leap of faith is hard, but I’ve done this before & can do it again too.”

“In 1999, I came to Mumbai & after a long struggle to find a job, I got a job in a gym. But even there, I’ll be giving people a few tips on how to improve their everyday clothes or recycle their old clothes. Again, they just love it!”

“Life changed when a woman at the gym told me, ‘You have great fashion sense! You have to start designing clothes. It hit a chord & finally made me realize that this is the life I crave! That’s when I did a short course in fashion designing.”

“In 2001, I took out a bank loan with the help of that woman & opened a small boutique in Malad. I don’t know much about the different fabrics & rely on local weavers for the final result. Initially I will display some of my designs & continue to create personalized ones. But when I realized how much fabric can be wasted in designing a new ensemble, I reused the old weave & used leftover fabric to compose a new silhouette. I love the sustainable fashion designer in me & learn more to hone my skills, followed by Master from Milan.”

“In 2012, I was invited to my first showcase at LFW. Since then I’ve never looked back & flaunted the 24 FW. In 2021, I became the first Indian woman to showcase my creations at Paris Haute Couture week & this year I showcased my designs at Milan Fashion Week, being the only Indian to be showcased at both. So yes, it’s been a very long journey but all I did was – hang in there & believe in my destiny.”

Check out the story here.

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