H&M Strengthens Pete Davidson’s Accessible Style Credibility

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Designed with agency B-Reel, “Wear That Feeling” is not tied to a seasonal collection. It builds on the insight that men are not as related to fashion as women are; instead of watching runway shows or fashion movies (is it, like…Ocean’s 8?), they instead draw inspiration from movies, music videos, and comedies.

“We are thrilled to be working with Pete Davidson on this H&M Man campaign. Pete’s ingenuity and courageous personal style embody what H&M Man stands for—that everyone should be able to feel confident in their personal style,” said Oskar Spångberg, global head marketing and communications at H&M Man.

“Wear that Feeling” is about freedom of expression and confidence that H&M describes as global men’s fashion. Pete Davidson was chosen for his bold personal style that operates against what is expected of “your current situation”, by which I mean a reference to upscale dating preferences (almost everything I know about Pete Davidson).

This is little more than a small reflection. Kim’s ex, Kanye West, is often credited with changing her style, making her a better fit for the Anna Wintours world. His style changed again after their breakup; that he would choose, now, to be with someone who wasn’t constantly trying to devour him in the unity of the “look” statement, the part of the narrative in which Pete Davidson finds himself.

That she, in turn, doesn’t seek to channel this opportunity to increase her own brand equity through fashion also says a lot about her. That would be an easy step. Going for H&M Man only amplifies his accessible feelings.

Kanye West took basic streetwear and made it normcore, something that resembles normality but is a bit too far-fetched. reasonable that. Pete Davidson is, for all intents and purposes, average. You can be normal and still look good. That’s the whole H&M thing.

“Clothes don’t just make the man, they make the man feel,” say Afshin Moeini and Christian Poppius, creative director at B-Reel in Stockholm. “Wearing your favorite jacket or sneakers is the fastest way to boost your confidence. That’s what ‘Use that Feeling’ means.”

H&M hopes this work will turn it into the first fashion destination men consider when shopping for clothes. (Your move, Asos!)


Client: H&M
Project Leader: Jenny Näslund
Production Manager: Jonathan Johansson & Sara Petrini
Art Buyers: Fanny Karlström & Lina Sköldebrand
Creative Leader: Gustav Carpner
Public Relations Leader: Jennifer Johnson
Public Relations Coordinator: Maria Strandberg
Agency Producer: Camilla Geijer
Media Leader: David Venetiou
Insight Leader: Caroline Georgsson
Creative: Anna Hellden & Patrick Andersson
Copywriter: Lotta Glimstedt
Fashion Coordinator: Jessica Bjurström
Retouch Specialist: Per Gysing

Agency: B-Reel Stockholm
Executive Creative Director: Zack McDonald
Creative Director: Afshin Moeini & Christian Poppius
Strategist: Thomas Eon
Brand Director: Caroline Deas-Ehrnvall
Brand Manager: Hannah Håål
Design Director: Gustav Stockman
Designer: Lisa Nyberg

Film production company: Anonymous Content
Director: Team Godsall
Executive Producer: Tor Fitzwilliams
Producer: Laura Miller

Director of Photography: Oliver Miller / Evan Prosofsky
Production Designer: Mark Snelgrove
Stylist: Ellie Grace Cummings / Thom Murray
Editor: Amanda Jensen, Final Cut
Mixed Sounds: Andreas Andersson, Ponytail Sound
Senior VFX Artist: Olle Black, Tint
Account Manager: Robeson Jackson, Tint

Stills production company: Mamma Team
Photographer: Quentin de Briey

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