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The result of the collaboration between Ganni and Scholl was supposed to create a new craze for sixties star shoes.  — Image courtesy of Ganni / Instagram
The result of the collaboration between Ganni and Scholl was supposed to create a new craze for sixties star shoes. — Image courtesy of Ganni / Instagram

NEW YORK, May 15 — We didn’t see it coming, but… Footwear and foot care brand Scholl has been fashioning its most recent summer collaboration, in partnership with Ganni, scoring a mobile home with the younger generation along the way. And to top it all off — or put a nail in the coffin, as is the case — these capsules combine style and comfort while also boasting green credentials, thanks to organic, recycled, and certified ingredients.

After all, 2022 marks the start of a very specific era in fashion, where the ugly, the old-fashioned, the outdated—even the flashy kitsch—suddenly become officially attractive, if not downright trendy. In fact, 2021 sets the ball rolling with the return of Crocs, clogs, and bucket hats. Long neglected, this one-off fashion disclaimer has suddenly been dug from the depths of the closet and elevated to the ranks of the must-haves that celebrities, influencers, and fashionistas crave so much. But after initial shock, disbelief, and anger, we crossed our fingers, hoping that this phenomenon — explained by Alice Pfeiffer in “Le goût du moche” [A taste for the ugly] — will soon fail.

And we dare to believe it! Because while the pandemic has clearly spawned a type of fashion midway between style and comfort, the start of the year has so far been relatively lenient with our fashion pride. We saw Birkenstock reworked by Manolo Blahnik, the return of flip flops, and the bucket hat that has always been in our wardrobe, but we just had to grit our teeth and wait for it to finish… the month of May, when it all falls apart. Out of nowhere, the Scholl sandal—a ’60s icon long relegated to a shoe type worn strictly for foot well-being (goodbye style!)—has become this year’s collaboration, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of its outdated image. time to soar to fashion heights as a summer must-have… you might as well get used to it. In fact, you will definitely fall in love too!

Eco-friendly style, comfort and fashion

Ganni’s Scandinavian style, a brand fashionistas have been using for years, has joined forces with one of the most comfortable shoes of all time: the Scholl sandal. And it’s the brand’s most iconic model, the Pescura, which has here been reinterpreted with fresh, modern prints — from florals to checks to monograms of the Danish luxury brand — all in a 1960s-inspired palette that draws on the history of Scholl. The fruits of this partnership have been successful, but both brands added one last ingredient to leave their competitors in the cold: An eco-conscious tilt.

Made in Italy, the sandals are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, while the legendary sole is made from certified wood. As such, the two brands have been playing unbeatable style, comfort and eco-fashion—a killer combination since the start of the pandemic. And, it must be said, the results are likely to win over some fashion fans. Available through Ganni, as well as through Scholl, for €175 or US$215 (RM800), be prepared to hear clips of these mules all summer long. — ETX Studio

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