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Celebrities have always been role models for people when it comes to fashion and lifestyle choices, but often cultural influencers set unrealistic standards. At a time when fashion has become inclusive of all body types, Kim Kardashian’s latest Met Gala outfit has once again spawned a debate about diet and beauty standards. It also highlights the pressure on celebrities to look good and presentable at all times.

This is a concern

This is a dress that should suit the person and not the other way around. When Kim Kardashian pulled Marilyn Monroe at the 2022 Met Gala, her interview drew a lot of criticism from body positivity activists. She lost 16 pounds in three weeks, which raised concerns that high school girls would also be starving to fit into their prom dresses.

In Kim’s defence, her personal trainer shared, “It was done in a healthy way.” Kim’s clothing choices (Marilyn Monroe’s outfit), which took her to a drastic step. He said, “I always thought she (Marilyn) was very curvy. So, when it doesn’t suit me, I want to cry because it’s irreversible.”

Celeb cosmetic surgery falls under the same ‘wrong’ body goals.

Singer Adele faces trolls for her weight

Handle pressure

Gigi Hadid once said about the pressure to be a certain body type, “No, I don’t have the same body type as other models. Your malicious comments don’t make me want to change my body. If I didn’t have the body I have, I wouldn’t have the career I have.” Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Sophie Turner, Pink, Jameela Jamil, and Adele also had to put up with trolls. “I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, but it’s not,” Adele says. Even our very own Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, Miss Universe 2021, has had to face trolls for having earned a few pounds after winning.

Are you filter-fake?

The trend of filters on social media apps is another matter. Paris Hilton has spoken about how harmful filters are to children. Actress Haq Se Nikkesha said, “Everything that sparkles is not gold. Sometimes filtered and edited. One has to unfollow celebrities to get an hourglass figure or perfect skin. It’s all about marketing.”

Jennifer Lopez

Facts speak

‘How can one expect to lose weight in a month gained for years? Realistically, a maximum of one or two kilos per month can be lost. With sheer luck and a fast metabolism, it could go up to three, but never more. In addition, body shaming cannot be used as an excuse to stay unhealthy. Unless you have a previous medical condition, excess BMI, save for a few kilos, is an invitation to disease,” says Monika Singh, nutritionist.

visual media

“As an actor, there is definitely pressure to look a certain way. Celebrities don’t always tell you the whole truth and how much it takes to look like they do. So instead of being stuck with someone else, it’s important to understand your own body. I started out as a model and the pressure to stay skinny was there. I wouldn’t say I’m on a diet, but constantly aware of what’s on my plate.”

Namrata Sheth, actress

Tried and tested

I am a fat baby. In eighth grade, when I was subjected to ridicule it put me on a strict diet; I only had fruit, egg whites and salad. In two or three months, I lost a lot of weight. But do I recommend it? No. Recently, I tried intermittent fasting and it slowly went up to 15 hours but it backfired. B-town is full of actors who don’t fall into the perfect body category.

Akanksha Malhotra, actress

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