I’m a fashion expert, there are 12 trends that instantly make you look cheap and tacky

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WITH trends constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s in style right now.

It turns out that there are some trends that will never work and just look a little cheesy and tacky.

Niki explains that there are some trends that you should avoid at all costs


Niki explains that there are some trends that you should avoid at all costsCredit: Youtube

Fashion expert Niki Sky reveals some of these trends and explains why they are so bad.

cheap designer scam

Making designers look cheaper is not an option for Niki, she explains that she understands when shops like Zara take inspiration from designer runways, but when it’s a real knockoff, it can look pretty tacky.

“It shouldn’t be acceptable,” Niki said.

False eyelashes

Niki says she hopes these trends “will die out,” as she explains why she hates them so much.

It doesn’t matter if you buy your own eyelash strips or get your eyelash extensions applied by a professional, they are all bad according to fashion lovers.

Niki recommends removing more natural lashes, rather than wearing false lashes, as a less tacky alternative.

Bad fake tan

“I love sunless tanning,” Niki confessed, “I love having a nice, glowing tan all year round,” adding that she even uses her own fake tan.

You have to take the time to learn how to apply fake chocolate well, he says.

Otherwise, you run the risk of not only looking like an oompa loompa, but also very cheap.


Niki says that glitter “tends to make you look very immature and a lot younger than you are, and not in a good way.”

She added: “If you drop out of school, you should probably graduate from the whole glitter trend.”

main logo

“It just looks really tacky and eye-catching, but not in the best way,” Niki said.

She adds that covering yourself with clothes with the same logo embroidered all over looks “very unoriginal”, even though it’s a classy brand, wearing the logo from head to toe is not chic.

Niki confessed that she used to wear colored contacts when she was younger, but now she thinks they fall under the cheap and tacky category.

If you want to experiment with different eye colors, “there’s always Halloween,” she says.

Hair slicked back

Teasing your roots is a great way to get some extra volume in your hair, but overdoing it can look “very unkempt and unruly,” says Niki.

“If you’re one of those people who tends to tease your roots too much, relax, take a cold pill,” Niki says.

He added: “I think it really ages someone.”

Socks with sandals

It’s one that most people would probably agree on, though it might be convenient, it’s not the best look.

Niki says that wearing socks with sandals or flat shoes at a fashion show “can look really cute and neat, but in real life most people can’t do it.”

Lip concealer

“I’m very surprised to see this trend is still there today,” said the fashion pro.

It doesn’t even have to be an actual concealer, but a lip color that matches your skin tone.

“I think it’s very unattractive, it makes you look unhealthy,” Niki said.

Super tight clothes

Clothes that you can barely breathe are very unsuitable for Niki.

When clothes are too tight you can see every bulge, she explains that it’s not a flattering look and “so 2000s.”

Too much gold jewelry

Niki said: “When you start going overboard and layering gold earrings, and gold chains to the point where you can’t even see your neck anymore, that’s when it looks really tacky.”

If you’re a lover of gold jewelry, she explains that the key is to “be conservative with the jewelry you choose, and try and find a balance.”

fake nails

Others top false nails are not classy, ​​according to Niki.

Bright neon colors, gems, and other tacky designs look “not only tacky, but really raise questions about how one gets things done,” Niki says.

“crazy long or accessory” nails will never look as good as shorter, simpler styles, according to fashion experts.

Too much gold jewelry just looks tacky, say fashion lovers


Too much gold jewelry just looks tacky, say fashion loversCredit: Youtube
Too teasing your roots doesn't look chic, according to Niki


Too teasing your roots doesn’t look chic, according to NikiCredit: Youtube
Logo mania is not as stylist as you might think, it's really super tacky


Logo mania is not as stylist as you might think, it’s really super tackyCredit: Youtube

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