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Oh what a beautiful night. With joyous reverie and wild abandon, we climb the glittering spiral staircase to the top floor of Shell House where we let our hair down for F*ck Fashion’s annual Let’s Dance held at Shell House. Back again for another round of elegant, well-placed revelry on day 2 of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, the drizzle only added to our friendly party spirit.

By the way, there is a lot that is consumed with pleasure, where are fellow close friends RUSH Sip on classic samples including the Belvedere vodka martini – made dirty or with a twist – Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin and Grifters Pale Ale while enjoying the disco lights of the Upper West Side leather lounge setting. For those feeling a little more relaxed, Lyres non-alcoholic cocktails and Heaps Normal non-alcoholic beers are on offer as well as a selection of Capi garden tonics, Capi lime and agave tonics, which are calm and sparkling to accompany the evening.

This year’s party kicked off with a luxurious pre-party Glam suite with Charlotte Tilbury, hosted at Crystalbrook Albion. Here the night is commemorated with the appearance of the GH Mumm champagne where RUSH purist Mimi Elashiry calls in the evening with a tap of a bottle and glamorous toast. Then, the guests learned a little about Pillow Talk and pre-makeup touches during the party.

Like the rhinestone cowboys, (and there were a few of those cowboy hats) we tucked our boots into some tight grooves, where friends including Victoria Lee, Georgia Fowler, Honor Munroe and Lucy Marcovic to name just a few, kicked off the nightly cuts of a few. divine form to the sweet delicious sound of RUSH’S Her own Music Editor, Alys Hale. From here, the pace of the night really picks up as partygoers are treated to Pricie’s electric jive and deep jams, followed by lively floor filler from K-Rap band 1300 and DJ Yemi Sul.

Between a crumbled velvet suit and a furry Gucci swag, sleeves rolled up for some tattoos by our friend Easytatt. Many collarbones and biceps are decorated with RUSH 100’s of logos, and other fun kitsch combos that “moms” will definitely not approve of. Along with flowing New York-style drinks, DRNKS’ always bespoke wine selection is sampled outdoors among the rooftop cabanas, where we all gather to end the evening with a cheeky set from Reenie. The sight of Sean Brady and Beatrys Ponzoni going down will sadly be lost, but never forgotten.

Night for memory books. Dancing in the rain, enjoying the height of the roof. Lips fixed, butt rocked, feathers worn.

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