It’s Not Dress Up, It’s Courage: ‘Creating Anna’ Fashion

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As a fan Find Anna know, world Anna Delveywhose real name is Anna Sorokinclosely associated with the fashion world of New York.

The role of accurately showing off the clothes worn by the con artist socialite goes to the award-winning Costume Designer Lyn Paolo. Emmy winners sitting together Stacey Wilson Huntjournalist and presenter Finding Anna: The Official Podcastto discuss the challenges of recreating Delvey’s unique style for the mini-series.

“I find designing and finalizing a costume for a drama that takes place in modern life is actually more difficult to do than a costume from a period piece,” explains Paolo. “There’s a lot more nuance to it, and everyone knows what to expect.”

The costume team also got to have fun and play with the different Annas seen throughout the show. As Paolo points out, everyone thinks they know the real Delvey, so his clothes and style sometimes change dramatically from scene to scene.

“It was a very interesting process because we tried to match what Anna was wearing on Instagram and in the courtroom,” said Paolo. “It was a highly researched show.”

Despite the show’s focus on Delvey’s fashion, the costume design team worked to ensure the other characters wore clothes that fit their roles. “Vivian Kent” wearing nice but worn clothes and shoes to show his busy schedule as a reporter. Other characters, especially the friends around Delvey, change their outfits throughout the show to show Delvey’s effect on their lives.

“I think everyone who was around Anna in real life and on the show was influenced by her,” said Paolo. “He can almost hypnotize people and bring joy to their lives.”

All nine episodes Find Anna is streaming on Netflix. To hear a full discussion of event mode, see “Dressing Anna with Lyn Paolo.” Finding Anna: The Official Podcast has a new episode every wednesday.

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