Jordan Dalah Interview Afterpay Australian Fashion Week

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What’s on your mood board for this collection?

Good question! (laughs) I don’t start a new mood board per season or collection. It evolves and evolves from one collection to the next. It has many images of dresses throughout history, archival cuts, design developments and hard work to help spark new silhouettes, lots of textures and fabrics.

Things are not lost because the collection is complete; if I like an image, I can like it for two, three, or five years, and it will remain as a reference until that goal is achieved.

I added references to vintage umbrellas and the cool colors helped inspire my SS23 collection.

Tell us about new collections.

My new collection is tight; there are improvements to some aspects of the previous collection, but are more nuanced. There’s been a shift from elements of drama to elements that are simpler and more sophisticated – patchwork skirts in puffy quilted fabric, vintage dupion tops with puffy sleeves and silk tones. Continuing my partnership with Glenfiddich, I was challenged to reinterpret Grande Couronne’s bespoke golden filigree that adorns the bottle. I designed my arched filigree pattern in a limited edition colorway that mirrors my SS23 color palette. My collection and collaboration with Glenfiddich aims to redefine luxury through humor and artistic movement. I rejected and reinterpreted the luxury code.

I used vintage fabrics and inspiration from archival silhouettes, reinterpreting and reviving them.


What does appearing at AAFW mean to you?

I love that I can show here because this is where my studio is, where my world is. As much as my current commercial market is in Europe and not here yet, my world is here. And having AAFW have me helps me grow and build commercially in Australia. Designers like me are here to offer a new way of looking at fashion, showcase novelty, and keep things interesting.

My partnership with Glenfiddich was also very important to me because they saw my vision and fully stepped into the world of Jordan Dalah, supporting me with this season’s show.

Do you have a standout moment or memory from AAFW?

My show and announced the launch of the limited edition Grande Couronne x Jordan Dalah whiskey pack.

What designers throughout history have you admired or inspired you and why?

Ever since I discovered Jonathan Anderson, I have fallen in love with his world. I love what he did at Loewe and JW Anderson; the world is defined by the novelty of the silhouette which doesn’t always appear as soon as you see it, but then you look at it twice, and you get the vision, and that’s really cool.

I love what Phoebe Philo does at Celine; some parts really ignite my way of thinking as a designer.

I love Marni, Rei Kawakubo and also admire Akira Isogawa’s work. When I was younger I used to drive past Akira’s shop on Oxford Street, and I remember how she, as a brand and designer, used to be in her own world here, and that’s how I feel as a designer here. I’m in my own little world. Funny enough, my current studio is only a few doors away from where it used to be.

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