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South African designers have been making waves in the fashion industry and this is just the beginning. Designer Thebe Magugu, winner of the LVMH Prize; Rich Mnisi, who has collaborated with Adidas; and Lukhanyo Mdingi, the 2021 Karl Lagerfeld Prize, have shown that South African designers are taking over the global fashion scene.

The latest South African Fashion Week has introduced us to a new group of designers who are on their way to taking over the industry.

Here are 4 South African designers who are next in fashion:

Thando Ntuli recently won the 2022 Talent Search at South African Fashion Week for his brand MUNKUS. She said, “I wanted to design for a unique and wider age group because the past and the present influenced me. The collection seems to have layered cuts that allow every woman to wear it however they want and add their own touch to it.”


South African luxury brands were influenced by South African fashion during the 80s and 90s. Its website states, “A link to home and an opportunity to be bold, a brand that sits between casual and formal.”

MUNKUS offers ready-to-wear collections to be worn on various occasions.

This sibling duo is making waves with their brand, SUHO ORIGINAL among the cool kids in South Africa. The Kondleka brothers shared in a statement, “We built the brand in the early moments of the pandemic when the country was in complete lockdown. You can’t travel, you can’t even go on a coffee date. We wanted to create the right cut when we got those moments back, clothes you can wear in Durban or Bali.”


The design of the Kondleka brothers was influenced by work attire, with two-piece overalls and well-designed cuts.

Featured recently at South African Fashion Week 2022, the Ntando Ngwenya Ntando XV brand “offers artisanal wear, with unconventional designs.”


Ntando aims to shift the industry by combining conservative and postmodern techniques. He puts a contemporary twist on traditional methods. The designer’s love for fashion began at an early age and she loves working with “experimental cuts, pattern engineering, unusually intricate finishes, treated items and controlled fits.”

Kayla Stamboul is Creative Director and Founder of womenswear brand Kayla Stam. She is inspired by her mother’s fashion sense and hopes to inspire women of all ages through her style.


Kayla’s design is contemporary and perfect for women in company who want to look compact, yet chic.

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