Micah Richards drops Thierry Henry for fashion pick – “It’s getting to your head”

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Thierry Henry and Micah Richards appeared together for CBS Sports’ coverage of Liverpool’s Champions League trip to Villarreal on Tuesday and clashed over the Frenchman’s outfit.

Thierry Henry was teased by Micah Richards for his fashion sense on Tuesday
Thierry Henry was teased by Micah Richards for his fashion sense on Tuesday

Micah Richards brutally dropped Thierry Henry for Arsenal legend fashion picks during their appearance as pundits on CBS Sport.

The duo were part of the American TV channel’s team of pundits for the Champions League, alongside Jamie Carragher. They feature on Tuesday night for Liverpool’s semi-final second leg against Villarreal.

All three have been regular panelists for CBS’ coverage of the Champions League over the course of the season and have developed a reputation for their lighthearted approach. Usually, that lighter approach doesn’t extend to their outfits, with pundits tending to wear full suits with ties.

That changed on Tuesday, however, with Henry arriving at the studio in a brown plaid shirt, but no tie. Meanwhile Richards was wearing a blue three-piece suit with a tie, while Carragher was wearing a black suit, with Henry looking like a freak.

Richards took a bit of time to poke fun at the Arsenal legend’s fashion choices. When Henry was introduced by Kate Abdo, he was asked: “It’s a relaxed Friday on a Tuesday, isn’t it Thierry?” by the presenter.

Henry claims that his choice to go without a tie was due to simple forgetfulness, saying: “Friday is relaxed because I don’t know where my tie is. I have to be honest.” It was not something Richards would accept.

Richards used Henry’s induction into the Premier League Hall of Fame to aim for his suit



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The former Manchester City star leveraged Henry’s induction into the Premier League Hall of Fame to bring down his fellow pundit. Richards interrupted Henry jokingly: “To be honest, the Hall of Fame is in your head.”

Henry returned Richards’ shot, mocking the fact that his former team will face Real Madrid in tomorrow’s semi-final second leg. The Frenchman said: “No, the big game is tomorrow. Let’s see how relaxed you are going to face it tomorrow.”

Henry was inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside Alan Shearer in April 2021, with the duo being the first two members to become members. At that time, the Gunners legend admitted that he was proud to get the title.

“Being inducted with Alan Shearer as the first two people to be inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame was more than special. When I was younger I was just trying to make sure I could get a pair of boots and now we’re talking about it. Hall of Fame. Over the course of my career, I want to play hard and make sure I fight for that goal, because that’s all the fans want to see,” he said.

Liverpool booked their place in their third Champions League final since Jurgen Klopp took the lead in a thrilling clash at the Estadio de la Cerámica. Villarreal left them reeling with first-half goals from Boulaye Dia and Francois Coquelin.

But Klopp brought on Luis Diaz at half-time, a completely game-changing change. Fabinho put Liverpool ahead again on aggregate just after the hour mark, before Diaz secured his side’s place in Paris and Sadio Mane wrapped up the win.

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