One Piece and the Original Stitching Team to Provide Customizable Fashion for Fans

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One Piece teamed up with specialty outfit leader Original Stitch to give fans the opportunity to design their own Straw Hat Pirates fashion statement.

If there’s anything One piece have a lot, it’s a variety of fashion styles, and now a fashion brand Original Stitch has teamed up with Luffy, and his Straw Hat Crew, to give fans the opportunity to create their own creations One piece fashion statement.

Founded in 2012, in Silicon Valley, Original Stitch was founded to make quality fit and clothing.”unique like the person who wears it“To achieve this goal, it offers its customers. “tailor-made clothes, which they can design from the comfort of their home“. Seeking to capitalize on Japan’s reputation and history of using fashion technology to create perfectly tailored clothing, Orginal Stith not only decided to manufacture their clothes in Japan but also used their connections there as a basis for harnessing the creative energy of Japanese art and culture. design community. All of this makes them a perfect match for partners One piece. The series is no stranger to fashion collaborations, such as One piece have done crossovers with Gucci before. The multitude of styles the series characters use to express themselves is the kind of freedom of choice in fashion created by Original Stitch.


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Now, Original Stitch is partnered with One piece. Theirs One piece The Collection offers customers designs based on the 12 Straw Hat Pirates crew members or people they meet on the road, as well as seven of the manga’s most iconic symbols such as the Black Cat Pirate crest and, of course, Luffy’s straw hat. Original Stich works with One piece publishers to ensure each design accurately reflects the character or personality of the symbol.

Original Stitch and One Piece

This is best illustrated in the designs for the Straw Hat Pirates’ chef, Sanji. Sanji is both a lover and a fighter. Although he prefers to cook an eight-course meal for his crewmates, he has no problem kicking the enemy if needed. Especially with hers Reservoir Dog-inspired look, Sanji is always perfectly dressed, and even after battles, he always looks good. Sanji’s cool yet hopeless romantic personality is perfectly represented in his Original Stitch designs. In one design, Sanji’s cooking background is represented by a silhouette of a chef in various poses interspersed with images and names of ingredients commonly found in his kitchen above the Thousand Sunny. Another design recreates Sanji’s often-worn striped shirt but with the addition of Sanji’s iconic seamless curly brows. The third design features a different version of the facial expressions he often makes when spoiled by a woman’s beauty. The designs not only look good, they are fair in representing Sanji’s style.

Remembering that celebrities like Dua Lipa used to work out One piece-look-inspired, it’s no surprise that the series will partner with a clothing brand. original stitch One piece The collection includes custom-made t-shirts, bandanas and face masks for children, women and men. Customized in-house, made in Japan, and shipped worldwide, the t-shirt is currently available to order from Original Stitch website.

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