Pregnancy fashion clothes: Style in comfort

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Maternity clothes are not just for pregnant women or new mothers. Many people prefer to wear loose clothes

May 15, 2022, 11:40

Last modified: May 15, 2022, 12:09

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One summer I went to Aarong with my friends to buy some kurtis and fatuas. It was such a hot year that I could only think of wearing a breezy dress to feel comfortable.

I picked from countless options off the shelf and in the process of researching materials and colors, I ended up with a few maternity clothes, regardless of the label or the part.

It was only a few moments later that I saw the tag. But I remember I felt comfortable in the outfit and didn’t have to compromise to look presentable either. So, if styled properly, this outfit can give you the best of both worlds.

This is also what Lamisa Tabassum, designer of the maternity clothing line for the famous fashion house Klubhaus, thinks.

“This is not like maternity clothes which can only be worn by pregnant women or new mothers. Many people prefer to wear loose-fitting clothes, anyone can wear them to feel comfortable and fashionable,” she told us.

Given the heat and traffic this time of year, it’s very important for new moms to wear something that gives them comfort, as well as style.

Lamisa says, “Pregnant mothers go through many bodily changes. Unlike before, women are no longer confined to their homes during this period,” adding, “they either work in offices or go out frequently to meet friends and family.” To ensure comfort, pregnant women no longer need to wear loose clothes. Instead they can opt for something trendy and comfortable.

Unfortunately, most brands ignore maternity wear when they release new collections. Aarong is probably the most well-known maternity wear brand, but there are some great alternatives, some of which have been featured here.


Clubhaus has its own maternity line and they launch new collections for expectant mothers on occasions like Eid, Puja or Pahela Baishakh as part of their regular collection.

This year, Klubhaus has introduced a collection based on a summer-friendly color palette such as lavender and parrot green.

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These collected floral print dresses will help you flaunt those baby bumps gracefully and keep you light for the unpredictable Bangladesh weather.

But if you want to wear something a little more glamorous, take a peek at the collections they drop during Baishakh every year. It focuses more on oranges and reds, bringing out colorful outfits for get-togethers or special occasions.

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