SCUF Gaming’s New Controller Customizer Unlocks Your PS5 Mode

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Yesterday, premium hardware company SCUF Gaming unveiled a range of customization options for its PS5 Reflex gamepad, not unlike what accessory suppliers currently provide for its Xbox Instinct Pro controller.

This move might come as an interesting development for gamers who don’t care about the original black and gray Reflex colorway, which has an orange thumbstick ring but is otherwise a bit…smooth?

I tested the Reflex a while back, a controller that retails for $200 at the bottom and goes for well over $260 depending on which particular high-end model you choose to buy. The new customization options look to expand the initial price range based on your preferred bells and whistles, and builds can easily skyrocket past the aforementioned $200.

Below are the additions now available for Reflex creators:

  • 32 color faceplate
  • 9 colors touchpad
  • 9 colors of faceplate trim
  • 6 button color kit
  • 4 colors thumb stick
  • 2 thumb shapes
  • 2 thumb height
  • 2 trigger styles
  • 7 trigger and bumper colors
  • 7 color D-pad
  • 5 Create/Color options
  • 2 house colors

There really are an impressive range of tweaks you can make to your gamepad right now, and out of all the faceplate options out there, I quite like the Sneaks variant; there’s something scrumptious about ’90s modern art about it. The same can be said for the Robin, which looks like one of those disposable water cooler cups, or the generic wallpaper from the 1993 Holiday Inn.

However, if ’70s chic is what you’re after, the Bliss plate should more than cater for such retro needs. The fancier faceplates are all $30 per piece, which feels steep but might be worth it for the quirky visual pop. What’s even funnier is that removing the roar motor will cost you an additional $10, which should give you a weightless competitive advantage, both in the game and in your wallet.

It’s no surprise that the process of building a premium custom controller will get you back some serious coins, perhaps in the $300 realm once you’re done slapping new designs and colors. Comparatively, it’s a lot more expensive than what you’d spend on Xbox Design Lab, which costs up to $80, and that’s with custom engraving.

Granted, there isn’t a Design Lab for PlayStation controllers yet, and the Reflex does a lot more (in terms of features) than standard Sony OEM peripherals. In that case, it’s great that SCUF provides this kind of service to PS5 users, even if it costs one hand and one foot in the end.

The bottom line is that Reflex is a very solid controller, and now you can make it look as tacky as you want. The freedom of faux pas is a beautiful thing.

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