SE Cooperative Extension Service summer boat tour. Juneau Community Bands chamber music concert. Fleet’s Annual Blessing. Alaskan Fashion Week.

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While several Cooperative Extension agents take their events on the road, Sarah Lewis relies on her family’s trawler, the JunieBell, for summer transportation. She stops by a community in Southeast Alaska to teach classes on food preservation and entrepreneurship. This year he will board a new ship, the Pacific Sapphire.

Many Cooperative Extension Services across America bring expertise in food preservation and gardening to remote communities. There’s nothing outlandish about it, but there may be programs like those in Southeast Alaska, where agents like Sarah Lewis travel by boat.

In Juneau this Tuesday afternoon, Sarah Lewis will talk about this summer’s Maritime Extension program, which will also include classes on how to grow a home food business.

Also, on this program:

  • A preview of the Juneau Community Band chamber music concert, featuring Taku Winds.
  • Armada’s annual blessing, showing support for the local fishing industry.
  • Alaska Fashion Week brings glamor to Juneau.
Rhonda McBride, Producer of Juneau Afternoon

Rhonda McBride is hosting today’s Juneau Afternoon, which airs Tuesday through Friday, 3pm live on KTOO Juneau 104.3. The show repeats at 19:00. You can also listen to it online at

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Guest: Sarah Lewis, Associate Professor, UAF Cooperative Extension.

Sarah Lewis says she can take an airplane or ferry to bring her Cooperative Extension program to Southeast Alaska, but it’s actually more cost-effective to go by boat. He says traveling by water also gives him the ability to develop closer relationships with the communities he serves.

Guests: Sarah McNair Grove, President, Juneau Community Bands.

The Taku Winds are one of several groups that are part of the Juneau Community Bands. In the upcoming May 6 concert, the program will feature a clarinet and flute, as well as an oboe and a mandolin.

Guest: Carl Brodersen, Alaska Commercial Fishermen Memorial.
Juneau’s annual Fleet Blessing takes place every year on the first Saturday in May at 10:00. It is held downtown at the Alaska Commercial Fishermen Memorial Wall by the harbor. The ceremony commemorates fishermen and sailors with the reading of names on the walls. This summer, 15 new names will be engraved on the memorial. This meeting is also a time to recognize the importance of the fishing industry and offer hope for a safe and abundant season.
Guests: Cordova Pleasant, Dana Herndon and Maggie McMillan. Founder of Alaska Fashion Week

Alaska Fashion Week features work by local designers, with a great emphasis on Indigenous designers such as weaver Lily Hope (Photo by Sydney Akagi).

Designers from across the state have gathered in Juneau for a week for an event that includes a runway show at the Crystal Saloon on Saturday, May 7. Organizers hope this annual gathering will not only bring together designers and retailers, but also tell the story of Alaska through fashion. Indigenous designers play a major role in Alaska Fashion Week. Their work, which incorporates traditional designs, as well as the use of feathers, beads, and weaving, continues to attract the interest of the fashion world outside Alaska.

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