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After a well-fought victory against UC San Diego last Wednesday, San Diego State softball swept through San Jose State after scoring twenty-five points in three games.

Game One: SDSU 7, SJSU 1

Senior Taylor Adams went 3-for-3 for the Aztecs, who came out hitting the Spartans 12-5 in the first game of the series.

The Scarlet and Black came out swinging to start the game, loading the base and scoring their first run from single to left by freshman AJ Murphy

The San Diego State offense was also dominant in the third inning, earning contributions from Adams, senior Alexa Schultz, freshman Makena Brocki and sophomore Macey Keester. The Aztecs continued their lead with four runs with four strokes, one error and one move, taking the score to 5-0.

The Spartan strike was only able to release one hit from senior pitcher Maggie Balint at the bottom of the third quarter. A two-out single by sophomore Ashley Rico brought home senior Alyssa Graham, who was called safe from a snag on the plate rule, cutting the Aztec lead to four.

The Aztecs had no problem responding to SJSU’s run as Adams started the fourth inning with a second walk and steal. Senior Danielle Romanello took Adams home with two goals and Murphy took the final win for the Aztecs by one, increasing their lead to 7-1

Balint dominated the first five innings, leaving just one stroke to no avail as he hit seven hitters. Freshman Dee Dee Hernadez freed Balint in the sixth inning, attacking two and remaining goalless for two innings.

Game Two: SDSU 10, SJSU 2

The Aztecs led the Spartans in their second game of the weekend, beating them 10-4.

San Diego State gained momentum in the first inning when freshman AJ Murphy took home two runners from one single.

The Spartans were able to respond to the Aztecs’ quick start, scoring two points in the bottom half of the second quarter with a double by second grader Malia Luna

Keester made the move to start his third, stealing his second and being taken home with a triple by freshman Bella Espinoza.

Schultz gets RBI in fourth sends Adams home, adding to Scarlet and Black’s 7-2 lead

The Aztecs filled the base in the fifth inning with Adams, Espinoza and Romanello each running to increase their lead to 10-2 and take complete control of the game.

Adams and Murphy lead Scarlet and Black’s attack that combines the seven RBIs. Adams went 6-for-6 after this fight with four RBI.

Game Three: SDSU 8, SJSU 3

The Aztecs completed a draw against the Spartans, hitting them 14-7.

Sophomore Mac Barbara is gaining momentum by leading off homers in the first inning — collecting her fourteenth homer of the season.

Barbara appeared again in the second inning with Brocki’s double to make it 2-0

Romanello increased the Aztec lead to three after he collected the RBI on the third knock at Schultz.

Barbara advanced in her third game in the fourth inning. Sophomore Jillian Celis followed with a sacrificial grounder scoring Espinoza, putting the Aztecs 5-0 up.

The State of San Jose was finally able to score at the bottom of the sixth quarter with a triple two-out by senior jenessa Ullegue who scored from new signing Jules Ronquillo and made it 5-1 heading into the final inning.

Brocki and the Aztec strike hit back in the next inning with a double-loaded that gave SDSU an 8-1 lead.

The Spartans put up a fight in seventh base after loading the base with three singles from Dee Dee Hernandez, but Hernandez managed to get out of the grid by striking his next two hitters and getting help from his infield for the final. go out.

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