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Armani Spring-Summer Collection (AFP)

However, aren’t women curious and have everything there is to know and have? The bold casual style of the past decade seems to be on a break, at last – something that will be a pleasant surprise to many Egyptian-style women.

Again, classic elegance is the name of the game. According to fashion stylist Dalia El-Hussieny, spring 2022 is all about the color white.

Not a virgin variation of wedding fare, remember: The color should be approached, rather, in complex combinations with black and miscellaneous, especially blush.

That said, green and blue—whether tuned in earthy or metallic tones—are both in.

Wallets, on the other hand – also white, or textured, or with a metallic sheen – grow bigger and bigger throughout the summer. This too should be approached with passion.

But apart from the size of your outfit of choice, towards a woman that is fashion conscious has to move.

Dresses and skirts — the first with long sleeves — should be appropriate for all ages; the good news is that cover variations are preferred, allowing for anything to wear underneath.

To balance and complement the simplicity of white on black, also think about prints like bold wallpaper, oriental blend patterns, and patchwork designs, adds El-Husseiny.

Both polka dots and stripes are also accepted. But come summer, if you want to add such an interesting variety to your wardrobe, you have to invest in the richest of materials — satin, brocade, and silk.

To keep up with a growing wallet size, increase the volume of your lower or upper body, either with the help of a wrap dress, a round skirt, or in any other way you can imagine. However, to complete the volume part, you must use another part that fits perfectly.

Metallics aren’t the only optical effect you should be looking for. The semi-transparent, velvet effect fits the bill. And when it comes to accessories, whether they’re plain whites, flashy blues, or confusing patterns, think big.

Everything from buttons to straps to safety pins should be large, and floral shapes — especially in three dimensions — are desirable for buckles and for decorating footwear and purses.

But whatever you do, remember that it’s the waist — not last year’s hip line — that should be emphasized thoroughly.

Work with bows and ribbons and arrange your two beautiful body parts accordingly.

The world of fashion is a fickle place, but so — come to think of it — is your soul. Take your time at first, think ahead.

The beauty is that most of this year’s guiding principle conditions — soft, flowing, elegant, and feminine — will work just as well in the seasons to come. But waist circumference is dangerous territory, not to stress too much.

Slim down as fast as possible if possible and approach the season with the confidence that only confidence can muster. Who knows, you might set a trend before you know it.

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