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Rina Finkelstein ’22SB is one of 123 recipients this year of scholarships from the Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF), winning an award for a case study she called MOD ern/est, a clothing line he describes as “modern and simple workwear for easy versatility”. Here is how he describes his project:

One of the most important aspects of the ern/est MOD collection is the ease of transition. This cut and outfit can take the wearer from a Zoom meeting to a face-to-face meeting, as it focuses on the top half view, framing the face for virtual calls that also looks great from head to toe.

The colors of the collection are bright and powerful so that the wearer feels strong and looks bright and healthy when making video calls. In addition, the collection is also easy to use and easy to put together. All the pieces can be mixed and matched to create some unique looks, making preparation faster and simpler. Each piece is also made of comfortable material so that the relaxed feeling of Zoom can transfer to the office.

According to their website, “FSF works directly with the nation’s most talented young students from a wide variety of backgrounds and awards over $1 million annually in scholarships to help these students succeed in all industry sectors including design, merchandising, marketing analytics. , and business. strategy.” FSF also provides scholars with internship and career opportunities, mentorship, networking, professional development, and unprecedented access to the industry’s most influential leaders and companies.

YU News had the opportunity to meet with Rina to talk about the awards, how she got into fashion design and what’s in store for the FSF winners.

(The interview has been edited to be long and clear.)

rina finkelstein fashion awards
Rina Finkelstein

Please tell me about your background.

I’m from Teaneck, New Jersey, and attended Bruriah High School and Michlalah before coming to Stern College. I am an honors senior majoring in accounting and minor in both marketing and studio arts.

Tell us about your awards and submissions.

Although my formal education was largely unrelated to fashion design, I decided to undertake a design and product development case study based on the drive to create a collection that would resonate with post-COVID consumers and to put together a slide deck that included design, technical flats and a marketing plan.

I focused on working women who need to be able to easily transfer between in-person and virtual meetings as the workplace begins to embrace hybrid models.

Apart from that, all of my designs would be suitable for a simple wardrobe because making clothes simple and modern is something I love.

What are the advantages of being an FSF winner?

As a scholarship recipient, I not only receive scholarship money for my education but also become part of a network of alumni, scholarship winners and industry professionals linked to the scholarship fund.

In addition, I also received career guidance and the opportunity to participate in special career fairs for FSF which hopefully can help guide and shape my career.

What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion?

I have always been interested in fashion design, in designing and trying new skills. I also taught myself how to sketch and sew along with basic pattern making, but I’m always looking to improve my skills and learn new ones. I thought fashion was just a dream job until winning a fashion scholarship fund made me realize that it was possible to make my dream job a reality.

How can being a student at Stern College help you pursue your career goals?

Being a student at Stern gave me time and opportunity to explore various areas of interest, which allowed me to major in accounting while also majoring in marketing and studio arts as well as taking advanced Judaic classes.

Stern College has a partnership program with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), which means that as an art studio minor, I can take courses there, which this semester is a course in Adobe Illustrator for fashion design, an essential skill for a designer to have. This course also gave me access to other tools and programs that come with being an FIT student.

Lastly, to apply to FSF, students must be in an affiliated school. As a student at Yeshiva University, an affiliated school, I was given the opportunity to apply.

Are there certain professors who have mentored and/or mentored you?

Prof. Adam Sternbach. I am a student in Prof.’s Fashion Fundamentals marketing class. Sternbach last spring and after a semester of seeing my work, he encouraged me to apply for a scholarship, even meeting with me once during the summer on Zoom to offer feedback on my work.

What would you say to encourage other students who are interested in getting into fashion?

Fashion is a large and constantly changing industry with many different jobs and the people who work in them. I would recommend exploring different aspects of the industry and developing the real skills needed in the industry. I believe that doing something you are passionate about and passionate about will make you happy, so if fashion caters to that, then I definitely encourage you to pursue it!

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