Students walk the runway at Quincy Fashion Show

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QUINCY – “Beautiful.”



The audience cheered and stared in awe as students walked effortlessly on stage wearing their own designs or models for their friends at the Quincy High School Fashion Show.

“My confidence grew so much when I walked out there. I never imagined myself to be able to walk out there like that,” said Elizabeth Chetwynd, a junior with a three-piece collection.

From glam to runway, students rule the stage. The Quincy High Thursday event featured student work in the school’s fashion program.

Around 70 students modeled the 84 outfits, fashion guru Robin Kaplan said, a large number of program alumni who were unable to have the final show due to COVID-19 returned with their collections.

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“I think this show is a great outlet for these students to show their hard work,” Kaplan said.

For current Quincy High School students, work begins sometime in October. Mood boards are made for collections and Fashion One, a first-rate fashion class, students hone their garment making skills.

Quincy High School student Elizabeth Chetwynd models one of her Junior Major designs during the Quincy High School Fashion Show, Thursday, May 12, 2022. Tom Gorman/For The Patriot Ledger

Callie Alessandro, a freshman, wore a navy blue A-line dress she made with a pattern.

“First we start with the top and then we make the skirt, we must like to fold the pleats,” she said. “Then… you have to link (the top and the skirt) together and it has to align perfectly or you have to rearrange the skirt.”

Preparing for the show means hours of work and dedication for the students, but they say it’s worth it. During the “crunch time”, Kaplan is in class to help students from 7:30 to 5 or 6 pm

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