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It’s time to get rid of the neutrals, puffy coats and Lululemon tights. With summer fast approaching, fashion trends are starting to change everywhere.

The color of 2022 is Veri Peri, which will be a real color in fashion trends this summer.

“There’s a lot of purple going on. Hot pink is trending. There are other colors like lots of pastels but then really bold colors like reds, oranges and yellows,” Natalie Clark, a fourth-year apparel design and manufacturing student from Frisco and group president of Hi-Tech Fashion, said. “I feel like last summer it was very similar to neutral. And I think like this summer, everyone wants to have bolder colors or bright things in our wardrobe this year.”

Jacob Jolea, a second-year clothing design and manufacturing student from Cypress says the ’70s are coming back this summer.

“Also there’s going to be a lot of likes, bright like saturated colors, whether it’s like tangerine, or even electric purple or kelly green it’s going to be a lot of it just because we want to see it that way. positive like pop colors,” said Jolea, a member of the Hi-Tech Fashion Group. “I definitely thought there would be more light, flowing fabrics. everyone really liked, took a lot of the hippie, ’70s look.”

Jolea says these vibrant colors carry the positive vibes needed in today’s world.

“We’re looking for very positive vibes like It’s like next summer especially with everything that’s going on with the global pandemic as well as wars and Ukraine,” Jolea said. “I think we’re definitely looking for something positive and often clothing is that outlet.

Along with bright colors, matching sets, especially practice sets, will be hugely popular this summer, says Clark.

“A matching set is, like, one of those sports tops, tennis skirts or matching shorts that are really trendy right now,” says Clark. “Or even a tracksuit, it’s super trendy. That athletic style dress, I think is going to be huge this summer.”

For shoes, Clark said braid heels and chunky heels will be very popular for summer events.

The slide is making a comeback as an everyday summer shoe, says Jolea.

“I feel they are comfortable,” said Jolea. “But people will want to bring it back as something they can use because it’s so easy and it works for summer time.”

Jolea said this summer’s fashion trend has started to spread, especially through social media.

“I think trends are usually well spread out. There are a lot of different ways that they spread from the ground up from likes, basically like normal people and also your influencers, they start something and also likes from, top to bottom, whether it’s like from the runway… but it sure spreads a lot like the media and our social media outlets.”

Mattison Block, a first-year apparel design and manufacturing student from Argyle and a member of the Hi-Tech Fashion Group, says jewelry trends have also changed.

“It seems like everyone is still really into the gold jewelery trend and gold plated necklaces and maybe some beading too,” said Block. “I’ve seen a lot of things about supporting small businesses, and a lot of small businesses doing their own things like beads and jewelry and stuff like that. So it’s basically like a necklace that you can get in the water with or can shower with or something like that. Those are things people want to use for the summer.”

As for outfits, Block says he’s seen matching sets made and dressed this summer.

“It’s so easy, it’s like you can never go wrong with a matching set. You’ll always look good because it seems like you need a lot of time to choose something when it’s already been chosen for you,” says Block. “I’ve seen a lot of beach pants like linen-type pants with a button-down linen shirt that matches like a beach cover but you can also dress them up and go out to dinner.”

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