Sustainable Fashion Rises To Fame In 2022 With CODOGIRL

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May 14 (PR): In the last 20 years, statisticians and scientists have found that fashion has grown by more than 400% and contributes to more than 10% of the world’s carbon footprint, with aircraft adding up to more than 2%.

Textiles and fashion waste make up an important part of landfill every day, and that’s not helped by the fast fashion trends and brands that continue to generate more than demand today. With more than 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions released every year, something needs to be done to tackle this unnecessary waste.

But the fashion issue is more than just textile waste. Designer brands like Louis Vuitton or Burberry regularly burn their products in the off-season so that they don’t have to offer discounts on their goods, thus preserving their prestige and maintaining brand value. But how much will it cost? The good news is that conscious consumerism has forced many of these luxury fashion brands to change their practices and Burberry stopped destroying their wares in 2018 due to harsh criticism, but more can be done to make fashion more environmentally conscious.

CODOGIRL is stepping up to create a more sustainable market for the masses by reusing vintage designer clothing and marketing it to environmentally conscious consumers to reduce the amount of waste the fashion industry generates each year. The company has been recognized by the United Nations Climate Change (UNCC) as a Signatory to the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.

While CODOGIRL does bring down the prices of designer goods through reusing old items, their goal is not to make designer clothing more affordable to the masses, because look what has been done to the entire fashion industry – clothes and accessories are being mass produced in order to reduce costs. cost. What CODOGIRL really wants to do is salvage a product that would otherwise have been dumped in a landfill or destroyed and inject new life into it to slow down the build process and give fast mode a break.

Yulia and Andrey Omelich, founders of CODOGIRL, want the public to know that, “Most of these efforts will be in vain if consumers don’t change their habits. There has to be a conscious choice to choose sustainable.”

For example, plastic use reductions have been implemented over the years, from handing over a plastic bag for every transaction, many retailers have opted for biodegradable options and supermarkets have adopted plastic-free practices, which encourage consumers to bring their own reusable grocery bags. . The same needs to happen in the fashion industry for it to have an impact on the landscape as a whole.

Instead of shopping at big fashion manufacturers like the hugely popular e-commerce platforms, SHEIN, or H&M, consumers should shift their cravings for new clothes at designer retailers or brands like CODOGIRL that are focused on reducing waste through reselling antiques. By keeping existing products in circulation longer, factories have to reduce their production, which is a win-win for all.

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